Woodcrest Farm is a small privately-owned boarding facility located in
Fluvanna County 30 minutes from Charlottesville, Virginia

Trail ride



Molly & Bailey

Cavalier and Lesley


Lesley and Toby



Your horse’s health & happiness is our priority


Woodcrest Farm offers exceptional care in a quiet, stress-free environment. 


Christy and Barraco

“Lesley and the team at Woodcrest Farm always went above and beyond to ensure my horse was as happy and healthy as possible. From an excellent feeding program to meticulously maintained facilities, one can see the mark of true caring all around the farm. I would have kept my horse here forever if life hadn’t pulled us away to another city.”

-Christiana King

Ellie Riley

“My horse is so happy and healthy at Woodcrest Farm. Having previously been a bit of a hard keeper, his condition in the middle of winter is a testament to the high quality and conscientiously managed feeding program, hay, care and handling.

-Ellie Riley

-Judy Grayson, "R" Hunter/Equitation Judge and Clinician

“I have stayed at this beautiful farm. Everything = quality.
Care / facilities / people / atmosphere; very peaceful!”

-Judy Grayson, “R” Hunter/Equitation Judge and Clinician