Woodcrest Farm is a small privately-owned boarding facility located in
Fluvanna County 30 minutes from Charlottesville, Virginia

Trail ride



Molly & Bailey

Cavalier and Lesley


Lesley and Toby



Your horse’s health & happiness is our priority


Woodcrest Farm offers exceptional care in a quiet, stress-free environment. 


Ellie Riley

“My horse is so happy and healthy at Woodcrest Farm. Having previously been a bit of a hard keeper, his condition in the middle of winter is a testament to the high quality and conscientiously managed feeding program, hay, care and handling.

-Ellie Riley

-Judy Grayson, "R" Hunter/Equitation Judge and Clinician

“I have stayed at this beautiful farm. Everything = quality.
Care / facilities / people / atmosphere; very peaceful!”

-Judy Grayson, “R” Hunter/Equitation Judge and Clinician